Breakup Cocktail – what is it?

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 A perceptive mixture of around 60 sometimes-scandalous relationship tales, Breakup Cocktail the book is made up of a large measure of reality and a splash of wit. It will make you laugh.
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Every tale deals with a different situation or emotion and each one is followed by a shot of appropriate tough-love advice. It may educate and help you.

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And be prepared to smile…

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Do you miss your ex so much you see their ghost sitting next to you watching T.V.? If so, read Taking the Ted out of Haunted for an exorcism of the mind.

Do you brush your teeth with their worn-out toothbrush? Marty’s tale offers advice to cleanse the palate of someone else’s DNA.

Would you sell your soul to spend one more day with your old love? What if they stole your mutual friends or bought their lover an engagement ring on your credit card? Have you ever cried for a week straight or been so angry you ate and drank yourself into oblivion?

Quentin is bored with his wife so he buys her a long, red wig. Her new look seduces them both, but in this wry, humorous tale of dressing up your unsuspecting wife to look like your girlfriend, she exposes his scheme and calls him in for a little auburn revenge.

In another tale, Alice wants to remain friends with her ex, but Keith won’t agree unless she becomes friends with his new girlfriend as well. So what’s a girl to do?

Both easy to read and hard to put down, these tales will take the reader on a breakup journey that crosses over cheating and revenge; passes loneliness and depression by, and reaches recovery—with a smile on every page.

But why not buy yourself all of the 60 Breakup Cocktail tales from – guaranteed not to give you a hangover! Why not buy a round for your friends – everyone always needs some cheer!

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And watch the video below of a Very Cool Guy reading an excerpt from Breakup Cocktail, followed by a very catchy tune in the next video – the Breakup Cocktail Calypso. GUARANTEED to make you sing along!

Watch the funny and daringly musical video below of Breakup Cocktail Calypso – not for the faint-hearted, but if you like to sing along and tap your feet, this one’s for you!

Breakup Cocktail Calypso – let’s all sing along!

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4 thoughts on “Breakup Cocktail – what is it?

  1. I really liked your blog and wanted to read it again a few weeks later after it was updated and when I Googled it I got this website instead. I was impressed with the reviews on here and have since bought the book. I have to say, I only just started reading it and I can’t put it down! It’s really funny and very clever. I think it will help people smile and not feel so down about their break-ups.

  2. I bought the book and I’m almost halfway through it and its the best book I ever read about breakups and getting over him (or her). Because it’s funny its easy to read but the advice is good for someone who needs help. Are all these stories true and did they all happen to you?

    • Most of the stories are true – based on true events that either happened to me or to a person whose identity I would never reveal. It’s strange, but the tales that seem to be the most unlikely are the ones that are true. I’m glad that you are enjoying the book, Jenna.

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